Friday, July 29, 2016

Nouasser AFB, Morocco

I was recently contacted by a lady who's husband had served in my squadron, the 1603rd Suppron, some 58 years ago. Her 81 year old could have served while I was there, but in a separate career field.

Her son ran across two blog posts that I wrote back in December, 2014, describing our location and role in the cold war.She contacted me for info she didn't have access to, which I provided. Her husband suffers from Dementia and sometimes perks up when discussion of his service is brought up.

Armed with material and pictures from that era, the family visited Dad who visibly perked up with some memory of those times. For that reason, in case anyone else want the dope on Nouasseur, I'm publishing links to these posts.


The latest poll that I saw yesterday showed Hillary 1% in the lead which is essentially a tie. I would have thought that a convention bounce would have occurred. This race could get very interesting if a neck and neck event is in our future.

Stay tuned and fasten your seat belts, folks. No matter what else you do, don't risk losing friendships over a difference of opinion. You aren't going to change anyone's position by arguing, so keep it to yourself.

I have been refusing pollsters as they call. They don't need to know how I'll vote.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Democratic Ambition

Eight years ago, we elected a president because he was black. Not because he had great experience in executive positions, or he had seasoning in congress, but because he was black. A significant number of Americans chose him because they thought it would be the right thing to do. The breakthrough from the sludge of slavery and lack of opportunity that is the mantra of the left and an excuse for not trying by many in the black community.

Nothing has changed. Al Sharpton is still blaming black crime on the cops, as are many other rabble rousers. Nobody is preaching accomplishment over it's not our fault. If I, as a young man were to have been convinced of that, I'd be on welfare.

Now we have yet another liberal goal. The first woman President. It doesn't seem to matter her lack of ability, or her lack of honesty, or her greed in accepting money from any country willing to fund her private billion dollar nest egg. When are we going to choose a president by requiring principles, integrity and experience, rather than what color or what sex the candidate is.

I suspect the next election cycle will produce the first LGBT candidate.

These extremists don't care about the quality of the candidate and haven't for years. It's all about knocking down suspected barriers and social engineering. God help us if the Trump revolution doesn't pull us out of this cycle.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Great Orators

In my view, there have been three great orators during my adult life. Everett Dirkson, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

As Bill Clinton spoke Tuesday night, he took a snarly, opinionated liar and abuser of governmental rules and systems, and elevated her to sainthood. To say that he was an effective advocate is like saying the Pope is Catholic.

Whether he can negate all of the problems that her candidacy brings to the table, only time will tell. But if she cannot overcome the negativity of her record, it won't be Bill's fault.

The former President hit a home run on her behalf.

Show & Shine

                                Marina Choice Award
                                Peoples Choice Award

Scenic Bay Marina held it's third annual "Show & Shine car show last Sunday. Over Eighty entries participated in what several observers suggested was the best car show in our part of the country, even topping Lost in the Fifties.

Yet unlike the Sand Point show, there were no traffic jams, no bottle neck like the long bridge to test motorists tempers.

A band was provided for the event, Phil & the Prescriptions, which spilled over to the bars and restaurants in town, which added to the festivities.

We all look forward to next year's big event.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Aside from the occasional seagull screeching over the bay, a calm settles upon the bay and it's surroundings. The most beautiful sound we hear at this hour is nothing other than birds chirping.

A silence falls over our bay that magically turns our town into paradise.

Then comes shrieks and screams as people on the docks play grab ass while diving into the water, chasing each other.  Why these scum are not aware or do not care about others either recreating or actually living here is only explained by they just don't care.

Finally, while the best part of the evening was wasted,  Some great neighbors from the RV park came over, for an hour of wining, and conversation. It was great and I have been invited to their place for tomorrow. Life in the slow lane is sometimes wonderful.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

What MADE America Great

Since I am in my late 70's, I'm going to share knowledge that apparently most of you are too young to have experienced. We have to go back to the miserable years of the First World War, Following the allied victory in 1918, The United States disarmed. We sliced our navy and Army in less than half of the strength of the war years.

Come 1939 with the European war threatening Great Britain, we cranked up the most awesome  Industrial economy known to man. (O.K., Woman, too) We were totally unprepared for a war in 1941. Mostly because of the total disarmament after WW1.

In two years, we were cranking out one liberty ship a week, barely enough to beat the German U-boat score. We produced twelve Aircraft Carriers, and trained crews and pilots to man them. By the end of WW11, we had over 40 Carriers, and dominated the Germans and Japanese.

This was made possible by the industrial might of these United States. Today, our electronics are all manufactured in the orient,mostly China.

Our heavy industry has been outsourced to Japan, China and other regimes, not all of which are friendly to us. Our previous heavy industry sites in the  northern Midwest are referred to as the "Rust Belt."

While we have been picking up bargains at big box box stores, thousands of trained, machinists, welders and other manufacturing geniuses are shipping their expertise off shore for others to benefit.

We at this time could not win a WW11 or any other war. Suppose we get into a situation with China, which is currently viewed as probable. Are we then going to ramp up our production of defense electronics, and other vital equipment only to be told there would be a moratorium on these things.

Check it out. Find out where our vital materials are being manufactured and whether we can control their production.

And now we can understand where Donald Trump is coming from. Unlike the absolutist free trade advocates, or the opposite, unleashed trade unions, we need to bring our industry home, and apparently he is the only visionary the noticed it.

We need to take our country back from Eco-Nazis of the absolutism of damn near everything. Denying the logging of renewable resources, but balancing ecology issues with the continuation of our civilization.

Bring back our greatness? Just allow us to operate industry along with the application of safety filters. Balance production with safety issues of which in this country, are already in place. We cannot and have right to dictate to other counties as to what fuels they use. Yes, the extremists can achieve their goals, but they don't give a rat's ass about the consequences to this country

The issue of oil train derailments could have been solved years ago by approving the pipeline from Canada, but no, the ecological cartel wanted total victory. That is to say no fossil fuels ever again. Well, dream on, Assholes, until we have viable alternatives we need these things to function. But then Functioning has never been high on the Radical left's agenda.

Let's go with Trump and see what shakes out.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016


to Dave
Most severe thunder storms bypass Bayview. Being in the shadow of Mt. Spokane, most systems are diverted either north or south of our quiet little bay.
For you folks who are not conversant with how a Cumulonimbus operates it's like a miniature hurricane. The outside walls are where the heavy rain and hail come flying down. The center is where, depending how strong the up force is, sends the rain up the chute where when the hail gets two heavy to make he trip down, it spits it out to the outside of the storm. This forms two walls, if you are observing the storm from head on.
Today, about four o'clock a storm hit Bayview head on. That is to say we hit first the front wall, then after a few minute pause the second wall hit. All in all, it lasted for about 25 minutes and was a hell of a show.

The last time I remember any storm this severe was in I think 1996, July 4th when a storm ran from south to north up Lake Coeur d'Alene up over Hayden and came at us from Bernard Peak. That storm lasted several hours, but for intensity, this one was as good.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Republican Convention

Day one of the convention that folks from the left and of course MSM, proved them wrong. Obviously, they will disagree at least with content, but they were victims of their own propaganda in predicting Chaos

All of the speakers were. on message, and acquitted themselves well. The CNN commentators who could hardly be labeled Trump or even Republican supporters were impressed with the professional deliveries. They were especially impressed with Trump's wife who gave a scintillating speech about the other side of her husband, and at the same time, outlined the hot topics she, as fist lady, would address.

Again, obviously, the speakers hammered on Hillary's record of disdain for the rule of law. and of security issues.

This, Folks, might just turn into a horse race, after all.Remember the blue collar revolt that is backing Trump over off shore job loss. Wouldn't it be interesting if the Republican Party was the new champions of labor. Could happen.

The rampant dissatisfaction of where our country is headed isn't helped by what is shaping up as a race war, either. More after tomorrow's session.

Feel free to contact me at: or 683-9107


Open Warfare

It appears that it is open season on cops. Apparently, criminal members of the Black Community have declared war on Cops.

Hardly a day goes by that some atrocity or another goes down. I'd put money on another such murder during the Republican Convention.

Not waiting for an investigation over cop shootings around the country, it immediately becomes open season.

One of two things or perhaps both will happen. Either we will be hard pressed to find a Cop when we need one, or the Cops will strike back. I can see a ot of early retirements in police departments across our nation. I don't blame them, either.

With our president as cheerleader-in-chief, the black community will not settle down. At least we do not have to watch All Sharpton on TV nightly though.

Where this will end, nobody knows. Or in fact will it end at all. Open warfare could very easily break out.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Black Racists Exist

It would seem that the word racist is used more today than ever before. I believe one if not the principle reason is that the black community has cheerleaders, otherwise known as rabble rousers.

I listened to cable news until I couldn't stand it any more yesterday. But one interview stood out. It was a woman that pointed out our current president is still a neighborhood organizer, just writ large. She was black herself.

The leaders that consistently apologize or shift blame for black crime are as guilty of racism as was the KKK. Barack Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are among others, trying to make the case that everything wrong in the black community is the fault of white people.

Well, I have news for you reality dodgers. When people do not take responsibility for their actions no improvement will ever happen. We, as a country are in denial.

Black activists are on the offense these days, spurred on by their enablers.

Friday, July 08, 2016

A Gray Rainy Day

Today, as I look out over the bay, Scud hangs out of a drippy cloudy sky. Bernard Peak is obscured by low clouds and rain.

It is hard to imagine last week-end even occurred, with hundreds of tourists enjoying the street fair, parade and Sunday's fireworks show.

Not a sound penetrates the silence, as no traffic goes by, nor boat noise, or even a lawnmower. It is like the town is vacant with little or no activity.

Fortunately, the bulk of Summer is still ahead and the sun will shine again. ... I hope. 

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Agitator-in Chief

Our Agitator-in-Chief  is at it again.It would appear that his only goal is to start a race war in our great country of opportunity. The stories of other areas of conflict like, Baltimore, and other current hot spots in Minnesota and now in Dallas, consistently blamed on the racist white community.

Common. Does anyone remember the peace and tranquility that existed before Obama became head agitator for the radical black community?  No, I didn't think so.

Memories are very short, especially when political agendas are rampant.

This country, with Black Lives Matter and other singular racial issues, is on the edge of a race war. A war that cannot be won by either side, other that the complete destruction of our way of life.

As we stagger toward the November elections, we must ask ourselves who is trying to destroy us?  Obviously, the two predominant candidates are not the most proud representatives of our culture. I can't remember a breach this large in our history, since the Tories and the Whigs.

Bayview Daze Crowds

I got a glimpse of how the settlers felt when their wagon trains were circled with a thousand Indians surrounding them. My isolation was interrupted by large numbers of party types. Mostly from my perch,they were peaceful, but there is always at least on that gets out of line.

The fireworks were magnificent as always. I don't really know what went down in the town center, since I was house bound due to lack of parking. I've got a hitch in my gitalong, so can't walk much.

The weather cooperated and I believe the local businesses prospered.  At least we didn't have a forest fire this year. The Sheriff's Department cracked down on fireworks and after a very short start, officers responded quickly. The folks got the message and desisted.

We here in Bayview hope all of our visitors had a great time. We'll see you next year and the rest of the Summer.