Sunday, July 24, 2016


Aside from the occasional seagull screeching over the bay, a calm settles upon the bay and it's surroundings. The most beautiful sound we hear at this hour is nothing other than birds chirping.

A silence falls over our bay that magically turns our town into paradise.

Then comes shrieks and screams as people on the docks play grab ass while diving into the water, chasing each other.  Why these scum are not aware or do not care about others either recreating or actually living here is only explained by they just don't care.

Finally, while the best part of the evening was wasted,  Some great neighbors from the RV park came over, for an hour of wining, and conversation. It was great and I have been invited to their place for tomorrow. Life in the slow lane is sometimes wonderful.


Debbie Gibson said...

You are really an excellent writer Dad! I wish I did live in a place like where you are. Who knows? Maybe some day! :-)

SpadeRanch Mules said...

♡Your articles Herb!