Thursday, July 07, 2016

Agitator-in Chief

Our Agitator-in-Chief  is at it again.It would appear that his only goal is to start a race war in our great country of opportunity. The stories of other areas of conflict like, Baltimore, and other current hot spots in Minnesota and now in Dallas, consistently blamed on the racist white community.

Common. Does anyone remember the peace and tranquility that existed before Obama became head agitator for the radical black community?  No, I didn't think so.

Memories are very short, especially when political agendas are rampant.

This country, with Black Lives Matter and other singular racial issues, is on the edge of a race war. A war that cannot be won by either side, other that the complete destruction of our way of life.

As we stagger toward the November elections, we must ask ourselves who is trying to destroy us?  Obviously, the two predominant candidates are not the most proud representatives of our culture. I can't remember a breach this large in our history, since the Tories and the Whigs.

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