Wednesday, July 20, 2016


to Dave
Most severe thunder storms bypass Bayview. Being in the shadow of Mt. Spokane, most systems are diverted either north or south of our quiet little bay.
For you folks who are not conversant with how a Cumulonimbus operates it's like a miniature hurricane. The outside walls are where the heavy rain and hail come flying down. The center is where, depending how strong the up force is, sends the rain up the chute where when the hail gets two heavy to make he trip down, it spits it out to the outside of the storm. This forms two walls, if you are observing the storm from head on.
Today, about four o'clock a storm hit Bayview head on. That is to say we hit first the front wall, then after a few minute pause the second wall hit. All in all, it lasted for about 25 minutes and was a hell of a show.

The last time I remember any storm this severe was in I think 1996, July 4th when a storm ran from south to north up Lake Coeur d'Alene up over Hayden and came at us from Bernard Peak. That storm lasted several hours, but for intensity, this one was as good.

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