Monday, July 18, 2016

Republican Convention

Day one of the convention that folks from the left and of course MSM, proved them wrong. Obviously, they will disagree at least with content, but they were victims of their own propaganda in predicting Chaos

All of the speakers were. on message, and acquitted themselves well. The CNN commentators who could hardly be labeled Trump or even Republican supporters were impressed with the professional deliveries. They were especially impressed with Trump's wife who gave a scintillating speech about the other side of her husband, and at the same time, outlined the hot topics she, as fist lady, would address.

Again, obviously, the speakers hammered on Hillary's record of disdain for the rule of law. and of security issues.

This, Folks, might just turn into a horse race, after all.Remember the blue collar revolt that is backing Trump over off shore job loss. Wouldn't it be interesting if the Republican Party was the new champions of labor. Could happen.

The rampant dissatisfaction of where our country is headed isn't helped by what is shaping up as a race war, either. More after tomorrow's session.

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