Thursday, July 21, 2016

What MADE America Great

Since I am in my late 70's, I'm going to share knowledge that apparently most of you are too young to have experienced. We have to go back to the miserable years of the First World War, Following the allied victory in 1918, The United States disarmed. We sliced our navy and Army in less than half of the strength of the war years.

Come 1939 with the European war threatening Great Britain, we cranked up the most awesome  Industrial economy known to man. (O.K., Woman, too) We were totally unprepared for a war in 1941. Mostly because of the total disarmament after WW1.

In two years, we were cranking out one liberty ship a week, barely enough to beat the German U-boat score. We produced twelve Aircraft Carriers, and trained crews and pilots to man them. By the end of WW11, we had over 40 Carriers, and dominated the Germans and Japanese.

This was made possible by the industrial might of these United States. Today, our electronics are all manufactured in the orient,mostly China.

Our heavy industry has been outsourced to Japan, China and other regimes, not all of which are friendly to us. Our previous heavy industry sites in the  northern Midwest are referred to as the "Rust Belt."

While we have been picking up bargains at big box box stores, thousands of trained, machinists, welders and other manufacturing geniuses are shipping their expertise off shore for others to benefit.

We at this time could not win a WW11 or any other war. Suppose we get into a situation with China, which is currently viewed as probable. Are we then going to ramp up our production of defense electronics, and other vital equipment only to be told there would be a moratorium on these things.

Check it out. Find out where our vital materials are being manufactured and whether we can control their production.

And now we can understand where Donald Trump is coming from. Unlike the absolutist free trade advocates, or the opposite, unleashed trade unions, we need to bring our industry home, and apparently he is the only visionary the noticed it.

We need to take our country back from Eco-Nazis of the absolutism of damn near everything. Denying the logging of renewable resources, but balancing ecology issues with the continuation of our civilization.

Bring back our greatness? Just allow us to operate industry along with the application of safety filters. Balance production with safety issues of which in this country, are already in place. We cannot and have right to dictate to other counties as to what fuels they use. Yes, the extremists can achieve their goals, but they don't give a rat's ass about the consequences to this country

The issue of oil train derailments could have been solved years ago by approving the pipeline from Canada, but no, the ecological cartel wanted total victory. That is to say no fossil fuels ever again. Well, dream on, Assholes, until we have viable alternatives we need these things to function. But then Functioning has never been high on the Radical left's agenda.

Let's go with Trump and see what shakes out.


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