Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Democratic Ambition

Eight years ago, we elected a president because he was black. Not because he had great experience in executive positions, or he had seasoning in congress, but because he was black. A significant number of Americans chose him because they thought it would be the right thing to do. The breakthrough from the sludge of slavery and lack of opportunity that is the mantra of the left and an excuse for not trying by many in the black community.

Nothing has changed. Al Sharpton is still blaming black crime on the cops, as are many other rabble rousers. Nobody is preaching accomplishment over it's not our fault. If I, as a young man were to have been convinced of that, I'd be on welfare.

Now we have yet another liberal goal. The first woman President. It doesn't seem to matter her lack of ability, or her lack of honesty, or her greed in accepting money from any country willing to fund her private billion dollar nest egg. When are we going to choose a president by requiring principles, integrity and experience, rather than what color or what sex the candidate is.

I suspect the next election cycle will produce the first LGBT candidate.

These extremists don't care about the quality of the candidate and haven't for years. It's all about knocking down suspected barriers and social engineering. God help us if the Trump revolution doesn't pull us out of this cycle.

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