Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bayview & Pool

One of the more interesting developments that came from the closing of the Captain's Wheel Restaurant back in January, was it orphaned two pool teams. Wheel 1 and wheel 2 started playing League home games on alternate nights when other bars could host them. Then the real twist, was when Ralph Jones, owner of Ralph's Cafe, adopted the strays.

The reason it is a strange twist is that Ralph doesn't have a pool table. Being the civic minded person he is, he trotted out new shirts for the players. Wheel One, or I should say Ralph's 1, came in first. The end of season party that normally is hosted by the winning establishment, was generously given space Saturday by JD's. Only in Bayview.

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Anonymous said...

Best BayView post in awhile. Keep of the good work, Herb!