Friday, December 04, 2015

Rome Burns

Watching President Obama in denial over Islamic Terrorists, citing global warming as the greatest threat to our country reminds me of the historical burning of Rome while Nero played the fiddle.

I have thought that this man without any training would do poorly as president. What I didn't anticipate was what appears to be a conscious effort to tear this country down in the pursuit of left wing ideals. The global warming, human caused is just a continuation of the Spotted Owl, tree hugging, destroy fossil fuels (without a viable subsitution)

It is simply a reckless attempt to force socialist government on our beloved Capitalistic constitutional system. Government by extremists will kill our great country, whether left wing or right wing. Both are extremely dangerous.

We survived Carter, just barely, after he cut back our military by half. Obama is attempting to do the same. Rather than cutting our military and Navy, we should be doubling them. We cannot sustain our military by deploying them over and over to combat situations. This cries out for rotation. Military families are being torn apart by constant separation.

The cost of Obama Care is careening out of control, with only government subsidies keeping it afloat. The problem here is our budget cannot stand the huge amounts of subsidy being spent. Congress is threatening Social Security and Medicare so they can pound more money down the subsidy rat hole.

We as a country are ignoring Islamic Terrorism that has already shown it can pop up anywhere. Our borders and immigration policies are porous and policies that want to bring more refugees in from Syria would probably work if only the sects like Yadizi and Christians that  are being exterminated are allowed in. The sole principle of the federal government is military protection both from outside our borders and inside as well. The oath that military officers take is that they will protect our country from threats, foreign and domestic.

If we don't wake up, nominate a president that can unite us, rather than go back into extremist havens like we have now.

No Mr President, The Supreme court has already ruled on the 2nd amendment. Those that persist in trying to pretend it is still a hot issue are most likely partaking of banned substances.  Rather than banning guns, why not crack down on mental patients, crackpots and illegal immigrants that have guns. The NRA is not suicidal. Show them a viable solution to ownership by those not able to responsibly use them and they will come around. Threaten them constantly with total bans will continue the argument. One argument from the NRA is not valid. We need to track gun sales both private and public in order to recover stolen weapons. Gun shows are totally unregulated as to stolen guns, sales to those not responsible people. An illegal can traipse into a gun show, buy a military weapon and disappear into the woodwork until something like San Bernardino happens.

End of rant...

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