Friday, December 18, 2015

Bayview Storms

One of, if not the most prevenent reason for storms bypassing Bayview, is that we lay directly east of and in the shadow of Mount Spokane. If you are driving west on hwy 54 after dark you are looking directly at the lighted night skiing areas of that mountain.

As I followed the path of the current storm since yesterday pm, there was a split in the storm front on a direct line from Mt. Spokane to and through Bayview with the main thrust going both north and south of us.

This is consistant with most previous weather disturbances. The intial storm front missed us completely, but later in the evening we didn't escape. The reason was the weather was approaching us from the southwest rather than directly west.

We as of this writing have received about five inches of shovelable global warming, with a current condition of ice pellets. Our ever efficient Lakes Highway District was out about an hour ago plowing Lime Kiln Road and other Bayview streets. I haven't ventured out yet and probably won't due to the prediction of freezing rain coating the snow covered venues, but I would guess that the state has already cleared Hwy 54 between Bayview an Athol. Snow is still forecast for Christmas and will probably stick around until December 28.

Stay home if you don't have to drive as there are many slide offs and out of control vehicles out there. Every year we get a significant first snow, we are greeting new move ins and teens that are seeing their first snow from behind the wheel.

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