Friday, December 11, 2015

Bayview Success Story

Jaime Vig graduated from Timberlake High School in 2000. Moving to Kentucky in 2001 with her Boyfriend Jerry Baker, they shortly thereafter married. They had one child together. Katlee. Jerry was killed in a work related accident.  After several years she married Derric Davenport. Working full time she now has earned a Masters Degree in Nurse Anesthesiology, graduating from Lincoln Memorial University December 12, 2015, which is located in Harrogate,Tennessee.

Her parents, Dave and Beverly Vig are the proud parents of three lovely ladies, Sylvia, Alyssa and of course Jamie, the oldest. One tragic happenstance was that both Jaime and younger sister Alyssa lost their husbands from work related injuries. Alyssa was married to J.R Carey They also had two kids

Kaylee was Jerry and Jaime's together. J.D. was Derric and Jaime's and the two younger ones were Derrick's from a previous relationship.

Dave remarried to Suzy, has a second family of three. The children are Markayla, age 15, Isaiah, age 14 and Ashara, age 9.

Jaime worked her way through first nursing school, the the MS program while taking care of a family. She already has a job lined up at Pikeville Community Hospital in Pikeville, Kentucky. But she isn't through quite yet. She plans on getting her doctorate in another two or three years.

This success story comes from a family that has lived in Bayview at least three generations and is well respected throughout the community.

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