Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Educated Speculation

For starters, I spent 2 years in Morocco during the 1955's I have some, rather outdated knowledge of Moslem customs. First, before you correct me, the term Moslem was then prevalent as well as Mohammedan.  Only in the 1980's and beyond was the term Muslim recognized which became along with American Black Musims, the new term.

In the Arabic world, most marriages are arranged, not chosen by lovers. Not only do they not have a choice, but to make sure they don't get swept off their feet by a future lover, they are surgically emasculated, having their clitoris cut off. Bottom line, Arabic countries still practice these atrocities.

Back to the obvious. Syed Farook takes a trip to Saudi Arabia. Why, we don't know, and here is where my speculation begins. He meets his future wife in 2014, applies for a fiance passport and brings her to the USA.

First, and going back to the arranged marriage concept, I believe he was matched up with Tashfeen Malik by Islamic Terrorists. For a purpose. He infiltrated  his fiance into the community, and had a 6 month old baby all in one year's time.

Suddenly, money begins to arrive. weapons are purchased. Ammunition is stockpiled. A plan is born. All planned back in Saudi Arabia one year ago. Does it makes sense? Perhaps. At least it explains a lot that remains unknown.

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