Wednesday, December 30, 2015

El Nino Sucks

When they said we are dangerously entering an irreversible warming trend, I believed them. When they said we have a very strong El Nino, I believed them then, too.  Well, I don't believe them anymore.

I have a foot of snow in my yard, no snow tires, (They said I wouldn't need them) and I doubt I could make it up the hill to get them mounted. In short, I'm stuck until the temperatures get above freezing.

This isn't going to happen any time soon. We are predicted to have single digit temperature and even a possibility of reaching zero.

In the last week or so I have lost power three different nights. Apparently the snow loads on the area trees, of which we abound, are losing limbs which then seek out the nearest power line.

From Athol to Bayview is seven miles. A while back Kootenai Electric installed higher power poles to avoid falling trees. Trees grew more and there are not enough taller poles around to take them higher. We need the co-op to get real and bury the main transmission lines separating the two towns.

In the mean time, I'll snivel a ride to the Mercantile for needed supplies.

Happy New Year, Everyone, but don't believe THEM.

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