Monday, July 27, 2015


I am addressing this issue today because my computer froze up Friday and I couldn't get it fised until today.

An e-mail widely circulated came back to be as they always do. It was written by Norma Jean Knowles and was about the Water & Sewer Board election and installation. In it she accused me of doing the bidding of Chan Karupiah.

That she would make such a wild accusation about Chan, who she hates, and now me astounds me. Anyone who knows me would tell you that Chan neither before or during a new post. I'm sure he agrees with some and not with others, but we seldom compare notes, or discuss Bayview politics.

For an individual to start a fund raiser to stop Karupiah from investing in Bayview Properties is ludicrous and makes one wonder what logic was used there. Norma Jean has the right to speak about any subject she wants, but there are penalties for naming a person with inaccurate accusations.

Slander is a false accusation that is both inaccurate and made with malice. It does not include asking a question, only a statement about a specific person. The old guard has run Bayview's activities without challenge for a long times.

The recent election wasn't about either of the incumbents. It was about cleaning house and making ways to assure accountability.

It would behoove the holdovers to quit playing defense and cooperate with this town. Times are a changing and people must also change.

***Additional comments that were e-mailed to me anonymously. It is well written and makes great points:

I do not understand the statement regarding the new Board members being very adversarial and bent on destruction, not working as part of a Board to make things better or work cooperatively. From what I saw, they participated in the meeting, made motions and were complaint with the process of going through the agenda. Since there was an agenda, there was not an opportunity to give the current Board and the employees any credibility of the things they have accomplished or are trying to work on, not wanting to learn or listen to why things have been done the way they have been.

Certainly the community attendees were vocal because they thought that an appointment had been made during a secretly held meeting that excluded the new Board members. And, actually, that was the case, and that’s why people seem to think all the Board members have been acting illegally, unethically and secretly. In addition, that was why the Press was apparently interested. It’s news when people’s access to their elected officials is interrupted.

Similarly, the accusation that Sharon Meyer and Steve May were meeting secretly themselves amongst other members of the community and that this is somehow wrong is ludicrous. Because they were all appointed, the veteran Board members all seem confused about the fact that they represent constituents. The bizarre acknowledgments that all the Board members were expected to sign, promising that they would not discuss Water Business outside of the Water Board group, totally defeats their ability to represent the members of the community. However, speaking with constituents is seen as “creating havoc”.

Likewise, there seems to be a misunderstanding regarding the Idaho Statutes and what is required of the Board. Actually, I think the statutes that are applicable are IC 42-51 not IC 42-32 as some have referenced. Regardless, I can assure you there is no stipulation in the Idaho Code regarding community members’ not being able to speak to the Board about concerns. 

As for continually attacking policy, procedures and character integrity of the others that hold a seat I do not see that happening. What I do see is an organization that was never properly set up to handle a half million dollar budget; with unwritten Policy and Procedures; apparently no By Laws and a history of “because I said so, we’ve always done it that way”.

And that, like it or not, makes them look arbitrary and poorly managed. There are no personal accusations needed. It is not personal, it is business. It is what it is and it is fixable with some hard focused teamwork.
There should be no need for WW III Bayview style. There are probably talented people in the community who would assist with policy and by law development. People do care and are helpful, but nothing gets done when everyone has a pile of chips on their shoulders and go around all butt-hurt.

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