Friday, July 03, 2015

Emergency Averted

I got a call from Ralph Jones, Ralph's coffee house, last night. It turns out the PA system that was stored in the community center basement was a victim of flooding and is ruined. This morning I called around and got help from Rudy Rudebaugh of Victory Auto Parts. He had the equipment and was willing to lend it to Bayview for tomorrow's parade. As we speak, Ralph is at Victory Auto Parts, gathering the equipment. A huge thanks for the ever community minded owner of Victory Auto Parts.

A few tips for those that will b here to celebrate the birth of our nation. Dogs are not patriotic and hate fireworks. Their hearing is at least 10 times better than humans and panic at the sounds of explosions. Every year, someone loses their dog. When they panic they run in any direction and when they stop they have no idea where they are. One year, a dog got away, ran down to the marina and off the end of a dock where it drown. Keep your dogs indoors with windows and doors closed.

Bayview Daze cranks off with the street parade which starts at 11:00. If you want to watch it, be early. Parking is at a premium. If you have no interest in the parade but are heading to your favorite marina to hop on your boat, you will be stopped at around 10:45 so that traffic doesn't interfere with the parade. Time your arrival accordingly. 

Every year somebody calls for starting time for the fireworks show. Duh, it is when it is dark enough for a good contrast. That usually happens around 10:00 pm. Fireworks are prohibited in and around the marinas. Please do not burn Bayview down. Saturday night is the fireworks show. With our show coinciding with the 4th there will be shows everywhere. Ours is the best one in the area. I have had consistent reports from visitors that have attended both Coeur d'Alene's and ours that Bayview has the best.

The Buttonhook has opened in time for the festivities which will take some pressure off of Ralph's, Mario's and the Captain's Wheel. Law enforcement will be plentiful, so for you visiting firemen, please don't make them assist you out of town. The food isn't great at the county jail and booze is not available.

As I pointed out in a previous column, this year there are security cameras all around town. The will be monitored for illegal fireworks. Don't make our businesses eject you. If you bring fireworks take them back home with you. We would rather have you burn you neighborhood down than ours.

We hope you have a great time and a safe one too.  

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