Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bayview Still Deserted

While the permanent residents of Bayview are home, the summer people are not. Float home owners, boat owners and RV people are missing in droves. In talking to one marina owner, it is the over hyped television media that is misrepresenting the Cape Horn fire status.

The "50% contained" mantra is said over and over. The truth of the matter is that the skies are blue, no smoke in the air, in short, a normal summer day. What isn't normal is the enduring silence that exists as the streets are empty and for no legitimate reason.

The portion of the Cape Horn Fire that is not controlled is miles north of Scenic Bay. The rugged mountains north of Cape Horn are difficult to access, but very few homes are anywhere near the head of the fire which is traveling even further north as the prevailing winds dictate. There is absolutely no fire burning on the south slope of Cape Horn. That fire is completely out.

The mountains between Cape Horn and the naval research establishment are still in danger, but the fire is moving very slowly.

In the mean time, our restaurants and marinas are close to empty as television viewers are led astray. It is past time that KHQ, KREM and KXLY stop sensationalizing routine recovery. They are killing Bayview. "If it bleeds it leads," is a true description of the wolf pack mentality of the broadcast media.

Get a sense of responsibility people, or you next story will be the mysterious decay of a once thriving tourist destination.


Unknown said...

Coeur d'Alene area business owners, well really one in particular who owns a large resort in CDA doesn't people to go to Bayview or any other area. He goes so far as to say "that treacherous Lake Pend Oreille" in many of their tourist publications about the North Idaho area. He is taking advantage of the problems in Bayview to add to his personal reasons of why people should avoid any other town except CDA. He is very sick minded and greedy. And his job is easier now since there are so many people from out of the area moving to CDA.

Bay Views said...

Really? I'm finding it hard to believe that the Hagadones would stoop so low. But what is encouraging,whether from my post yesterday, or whatever, folks are piling in to Bayview this afternoon. Hopefully Folks will chill out and come party with us at the quiet lake.