Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bayview Citizens Angered By Board

An angry crowd of at least fifty citizens of Bayview, and also Water & Sewer customers greeted a very defensive board of directors yesterday, July 21. In addition to the two new board members, there was a third that was hastily appointed just 5 days after the president, Chuck Waller, died.

The board, claiming an emergency, had quickly appointed one of the two losing candidates from the spring election. Two things were obvious. One was to maintain the old guard majority of 3-2, which would have negated any effect the two new members might have had. The second is they forgot that a 24 hour legal notice must precede any sudden unscheduled meeting.

I walked out after a loud mouth board member referred to us as Persona Non Grata. This type of attitude unfortunately, was what led to the contested election this spring. The first such open contest in my memory, and I've been here 20 years.

After the meeting I learned that the unlawful appointment at an illegal meeting was reversed. At some point in the near future, a proper appointment will be made. The law requires a replacement within 30 days of the vacancy occurring. The open solicitation for applicants apparently will take place. At this time, with only four voting members participating. This will prove interesting since it tends to show the old guard vs the newly elected reformers as a 2-2 standoff. If the chairperson cannot vote except to break a tie then the decision would fall to the new comers.

Some great comments, all in objection to the sitting board, were shown in the Coeur d'Alene Press Wednesday am. Although holding onto a big frog/small pond attitude, the greatest service the incumbents could give the community would be to resign, allowing a makeover long over due. The employees do a fine job, although the manager probably should refrain from volunteering as a bouncer, since he may be answering to new bosses that actually respect the public.

Interestingly, while shouting down those that wished to speak occurred for some, others were allowed to speak freely. There was a young man from JUB Engineers, who though not recognized by the chair interjected comments at will. Another, a woman rose to a point of order and was allowed to speak. The majority of the rulings came not from the chair, but from board member Gardner who visibly sneered at the public gathering.

Somehow, I sense a recall election may take place to cleanse the board of arrogance.

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