Friday, July 10, 2015

Humongous Thunderstorm

A humongous Thunderstorm is heading up from the south, now perched around St. Maries, Idaho and heading our way. Like we need more fire. It may hit here, or not. Thunderstorms are notional and pretty much go where they want.

You can tell though with weather radar. Storms tend to circle a cold or warm front. This one has a monster center south of the panhandle, and is heading due north. It will probably turn east toward the mountains, but if it doesn't, look out.

Tomorrow will tell the tale. I am still traumatized from the last evacuation and will not go next time, if there is a next time. It has been many years since a firestorm has obliterated a city here in Idaho. 1910 to be precise. What is now Farragut State Park was destroyed in that fire, which burned up Bernard Peak and joined the main blaze in the  Silver Valley.

I have water, sprinklers and mucho protection from losing my home. If another fire comes along, I'll be out on my deck playing my banjo, which I have neglected, while between wetting down the deck. When you have a bone dry wood deck 8x30 in front of a single side mobile home, it would destroy the entire deal.

As traumatic as the evacuation was, and the errors in judgement by the fire bosses, we and they survived to fight again. I haven't yet congratulated our heroic fire fighters, but better late than never. They were magnificent,fighting an uphill out of control blaze, while experiencing 95 degree heat.

The businesses out of order for two days will be OK. If you want to help, donate to the Timberlake Fire Department emergency fund, or their retirement fund. There has apparently been yet again a shakeup with several including the chief suspended. As usual, no information is being given out. This would explain why the Northern chief was the spokesperson.

If this ever happens again, please try to avoid treating us like sheep.


lastdemoinidaho said...

I suspect the evacuation and road closures that you feel were obviously mishandled were ordered and controlled by the sheriff and law enforcement, NOT the "fire bosses". The fire bosses were dealing with the fire, not the control of traffic.

lastdemoinidaho said...

From my past experience on large wildfires, I suspect the "firebosses" were busy with the fire, and the road restrictions and road closures that impacted you locals were the result of sheriff or other law enforcement people.