Wednesday, July 08, 2015


After Ralph Jones interrupted Sheriff Ben Wolfinger last night at the community meeting the subject of why in hell the cops blockaded Pier Road to keep traffic out of the cape when they could have blocked Lime Kiln at the top where Cape Horn Road joins, the sheriff, who probably was unaware of the stupidity of someone n his chain of command, opened the road this morning at 8:00 am.

Unfortunately, those that were turned away have no way to know they can come home now. My thoughts go to Yvonne Wallis who, disabled, was turned back yesterday along with myself, and many others. Unnecessary closures occurred at two marinas and the Captain's Wheel because the order to close Lime Kiln was misinterpreted to mean at the bottom, not the top at the juncture with Cape Horn Road. Some like Yvonne do not have a computer and their only means of communication is TV will not know they are sheep anymore. As this is written, the Captain's Wheel is opened again, along with the Bitter End, (how aptly named) Scenic Bay Marina. Businesses may not prosper just yet. As long as non-residents are turned back these boaters that live elsewhere are still unable to travel to Bayview.

Unfortunately, the folks that live out Cape Horn are still unable to freely access their homes. They can however, met with the sheriff dept at the community center for scheduling supervised visits to their homes to check for damage and regain access to their important belongings. The treatment of us has been as if we were sheep and it will long be remembered how we were recklessly and thoughtlessly treated. B-a-a-a-a.

PS:A new smoke plums occurred NW of Bayview, a spot fire. The firefighters are addressing it as well as another closer to the original fire.  Cherokee Road is now closed and fire equipment was seen on that road.

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