Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Community Organizations

There are three public entities in Bayview. Bayview Water & Sewer, The Community Center Foundation and the so called Chamber of Commerce.

The Water & Sewer issues have been well aired and need not be repeated here. Of the other two, the dba Bayview Chamber of Commerce, is not a Chamber of Commerce, but a dba. It is not affiliated with either the Idaho Chamber or the U.S. Chamber. I doubt that the official Chambers of Commerce have given Bayview permission to represent themselves as such. Many members of this community, having experienced the wake-up call that all three groups tend to be incestuous, insofar as they are controlled by a small group of insiders that do not particularly want other in the community to participate.

If I recall, there is a rule that Foundation board members must be members of the dba Bayview Chamber of Commerce. This is very questionable as to it's legality. But then many practices have been questionable in the past. It would be desirable for the Foundation to publicize their charter, so that the residents can understand the basis it was formed and for what purpose.

I challenge both groups to publicize their election processes, board members and scheduled elections in the near future. This will allow enough knowledge for members of the community to participate if they wish. It is obvious that the community at large have demanded transparency. We can do it the hard way, or the easy way. Refusing Stephen May's paid ad in the Chamber news letter was not appropriate. Neutrality should have been observed.

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