Monday, July 06, 2015

Ima Refugee

Today, I ventured forth to collect some meds and other things firm in the belief that KREM had the facts when they announced that Bayview Residents would be allowed in for a short period to collect  important stuff.                                                                                                                            

Well, they were wrong. The park people were manning  (or womanning the barricades.)

Emphasizing the nobody, not even you Herb goes through here. As I prepared to make the U turn, I spotted Randall Butt and stopped to chat. I suggested to him that under the circumstances, those that so vigorously opposed thinning and prescribed burns might now understand the why of it. He just grinned.

I'm holed up with Dr. John Land and his bride in Hayden until either we can return home, or my son in England e-mails me burglar info so that I can use his home for a few days.

Some are still holed up in Bayview. If you are one of them please run over and water my tomatoes.

Anyway, after a quick trip to the Sandpoint VA for a prescription covering those things I didn't bring with me, then a 1 1/2 hour wait at Safeway to fill them, I now have most of the meds I need. Although much of the information is wrong, the bottom line is we would be in the way.

For evening pictures of of fire fighting try MacDonald's Resort/web cam.


theothersideofbayview said...

Herb I talked to Heritage Health (Dirne Clinic) there is a mobile unit now until 4 pm at the Athol Community Center and the mobile unit will be in Spirit Lake tomorrow 7/7/2015 at Timberlake High School if anyone needs emergency meds or medical attention.

NOrma Jean

Brian H. said...


I left details on how to get our house key via your email. Worried but thankful you are OK.

Love, Brian