Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Herb, currently only the residents on Cape Horn are not allowed to go back in, the residents of the "core" are being allowed to come and go. The evacuations of Bayview, west to Salee Cr were strongly recommended - and still are due to the fire's behavior.

With the myriad of agencies involved in the now 2000 acre Cape Horn Fire,  confusion reigns. The command and control and PIO suck big time. Yesterday, after seeing KREM  TV announce that if you live in Bayview you can go home, I jumped in the car and headed north. I had been staying in a friend's home in Hayden. When I reached the blockade in Farragut State Park, I was turned back.

Today, the sheriff face book page listed an information page and a phone number to call for fire status. This number is 208-765-7243. I called that and was told that with the exception of Cape Horn Road, it was OK for me to return to Bayview. So fine. I thanked my hosts, John and Jan Land with whom I resided the last two nights, stopped at Super One to stock up on fresh food and boogied up the road toward Bayview. Reaching Hwy 54, the lighted sign warning that the road is closed at mile marker 12. With trepidation, I drove on. At the road block I was told that yes, if I could show ID with my address on it I was free to go home.

I'm thinking, FREE, FREE, FREE AT LAST. But no. When I got to Pier Road a very friendly deputy stopped me. He said nobody was permitted to Lime Kiln. I explained that is he was lost, Lime Kiln is considered by all as being part of the core of Bayview. I'd like to be present when an authority told Dick Hansen that he didn't live in Bayview.

So I figured I would need to store my perishables and Marie was more than happy to take care of them at the Mercantile.  I then stopped at Ralph's where the other refugees were gathered. One neighbor that lives on the top of Lime Kiln where it merges into Cape Horn Road was present with a golf cart. They offered me a ride, which brought me to my home at last. You can't walk or drive a car on this road, but they smile and let golf carts through.

I am now home. The 765 number nor the people at the road block have the same information as the cop on the ground, not does the Sheriff Facebook page. Which replied to me that it was OK everywhere except Cape Horn. Unfortunately, the guy with a gun ruled. A friend just stopped by, (on an ATV and offered to move my car to a better place.

The bottom line is that not everyone involved with enforcement and public safety is on the same page and are giving out contrasting and contradictory information.

Oh and to whoever stopped to water my tomatoes, thank you large. Since I have no idea who did it, I would appreciate it if you called me at 683-9107.

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Check the revised lead, quoting the sheriff dept contradicting themselves.