Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Bayview Resident Restrictions

We  here in Bayview have some unique problems. During the Winter months we probably have 450 year round residents. Some of those have their permanent residence in Bayview and can prove their residency.

Then there are those that are currently prohibited from entry, that live year round in an RV. Winter? Usually Arizona or perhaps Palm Springs. They then spend every summer in Bayview. They are part of an expanding herd of constant travelers. All but a few RV guests are gone, having been repeatedly told they are not welcome here because they are not residents. Admittedly, these are uniquely difficult times. Still, cannot we make adjustments for seasonal residents?

For those of you in government, a great amount of taxes are collected from seasonal residents. Are they then taxed without any privileges?

The there are the float home owners. Most of them live elsewhere in the winter and live here in the summer or on weekends. Are they not able to access their summer homes? The entire bay is made up of Marinas. Some fall into the category of float home residents, but many populate  a very lucrative marina businesses, for week end boaters. They pay taxes here too.

First, I encourage all seasonal residents and boat owners to bring with them any receipts or other evidence that they are not just looky loos, which get in the way of the fire fighters but have a legitimate reason for coming to Bayview. They have a financial interest in this place.

To the State, federal and county authorities, Bayview starts in the winter with a flock of snow birds, then  expands to thousands in the summer. Restaurants, marinas and other businesses that stayed, busting their butts to serve the community, are you willing to take away the two months of income that keep them going all year?

This town is unique and must be treated as such. Otherwise, after several years of recovery from fishing and recession problems, you are going to see this town destroyed financially and it will come not from the fire itself, but from the scattered stupid lack of a plan and coordination between information sources and agencies. The fire itself, except for the timber holdings, will not affect Bayview or Cape Horn much in the long run.

What will, is the destruction of tourism here. Get your collective heads out of your asses and cure problems, not create them.While get out of town information came quickly and regularly, there are still residents that don't know they can come home. This county needs and deserves a better system to communicate other that the laughable 765 number who apparently wasn't informed correctly either. You have unnecessarily disrupted this town to the brink of disaster. Not from fire, but from ignorant handling of public information. I see law suits on the horizon.This is the 105th anniversary of the great collection of fires called the 1910 fire. They didn't have a plan either.

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