Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Sound Of Silence

I awoke this morning to a vague sound of a lawn mower. Realizing the improbability of that happening, opened the door to the vague sound of a far away Helicopter. I saw a car passing up the hill on the verboten Lime Kiln Road and wondered what sort of influence this dude had.

There was a community meeting at the Community Center last night that was probably informative if I could only have had transportation. I was forced to leave my car at Ralph's and hitch a ride with neighbors who had a golf cart. The convoluted logic is that it is alright to use Lime Kiln if you are traveling in a golf cart or ATV, but not a car.  Two blocks in my car and I would have had an escape option if the fire kicked up again. Now, on foot and lame, I have no option but to man the hoses and keep things wet.

The silence is unheard of this time of the year. That helicopter is gone and only total silence can be heard. One can hope that the delivery of food and beverages will be delivered by tomorrow, or the mercantile will be unable to supply food any longer. Will the trucks be get through? Will they even try. Those that do not have computers have no way of getting news, since the newspapers are not delivering.

Had the powers that be blocked Lime Kiln at the junction with Cape Horn Road instead of at Pier Road, they would have had an effective blockade. Instead they isolated the Captain's Wheel Resort, The Scenic Bay Marina and it's office which administrates five of the seven marinas here in Bayview, nor to mention my home which I managed to get to by bumming a ride on a golf cart. I want my car back now. I have at this point no transportation options, except walking, which I no longer can do for any distance.

That I am disgusted with the bureaucratic and yes, autocratic handling of this business of herding the citizens around like  minor irritants is a given. The current rumor is that it is OK to pass golf carts because they take up less room than a car. Well, since I came home yesterday afternoon, not one piece of fire equipment has been seen here. For the obstinate attitude that taking a car two blocks and parking it off road they have left me and others adrift as refugees in our own communities. No access to food or other necessities. Am I pissed? You betcha.

Do you remember Yvonne Wallis? She was the victim of a viscous hammer attack a coupe of years ago. Completely recovered now and disabled, she was refused entry by the same deputy that stopped me from driving home.I can throw a rock at her house from mine. She is now adrift, without the funds to support her away from home. To be able to access your home hitching a ride on a golf cart, only to be set adrift and afoot is stupid and thoughtlessly cruel.

If the handling of residents were as smoothly run and the firefighters that have at great risk contained this blaze the inconvenience to the folks that live here would have been a blessing. As it is, we are, as I said before refugees in our own community.

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