Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fire Aftermath

Actually this isn't the aftermath, since the Cape Horn Fire is very much alive, but burning on the north slopes. Smoke is not visible here as the wind is apparently blowing it north.

I ran into a firefighter in the Mercantile yesterday who had two things to say. One, he had never been treated so well as here in Bayview. There were restaurants giving free meals to firefighters and hospitality is rampant.

Secondly, and bizarre, If it is dry enough Wednesday, they are going to start a back fire that should kill the blaze. I thought it strange that the firefighters wanted it dryer.

Life has returned to normal in most of the areas, except Cape Horn. On a sad note, one of the homes that burned down created a mystery. The authorities couldn't find the owner. Finally, she was located ...At a hospital. Can you imagine the trauma when the doctor says, "You may go home now."

Thunderstorms have been circling around, but other than a five minute sprinkle, none have reached Bayview, which could really use some heavy rain. We have had an entire summer's experience just half way through. Many are wondering what next?

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