Monday, September 28, 2015

Rooster Postscript

Since the aggrieved party didn't mention names, I won't either. But I do know who the rude neighbors are. After seeing DFO's Sunday column, apparently they felt the heat and got rid of the rooster. In every city, (Bayview is unincorporated) where chickens are allowed, roosters are not.

Jeanna contacted David Stewart, commissioner for the second district who paid attention to her dilemma. He contacted David Callahan, director of planning and zoning for Kootenai County. The zoning in the affected neighborhood is restricted residential. Callahan was proactive and was poised to jump all over this chicken caper. (pun intended)

Sunday morning came and went. No new crows were heard. Apparently believing that it would be counter productive to push any further, they avoided not just the official response, but a very lot of adverse publicity of which I would have participated.

All is well that ends well. One would hope that deliberate harassment of neighbors will cease. The need for the county commissioners is follow up. It would be very simple to enact an ordinance covering dense packed residential areas which would prohibit Roosters, Pigs and other obnoxious animals. 

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