Friday, September 04, 2015

Seasonal Changes

It never ceases to amaze me how abruptly our seasons change. But this year tops them all. Going from almost consistently above 90 degrees and smoke, to the '60's and rain in just a day or so is huge.

With fires burning everywhere,  the rain, unusually, is very welcome. I'd sure like to see our resident Climatologist's prediction for this Winter. We need a decent snow pack this year or we are in big trouble.

Although this labor Day weekend is going to produce cool, rainy weather, next week end looks great.

I have a ton of green tomatoes yet to ripen. During the real hot months, fruit doesn't set. So a tomato grower gets two crops. An early one and then a pause where only green tomatoes exist, then if we are lucky, warm September weather will produce a good second crop. Or, there is always the indoor ripening process with numerous methods. (They all work)

I just spread a newspaper on my little used dining room table and lay them down not touching each other. Another way, is to wrap them individually and store in a cool dark place. The problem with that, though is you cannot see which ones are ripening when.

As far as pulling the plants and hanging them upside down is the mess that is created unnecessarily.
Just pick the easiest and run with it.

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