Friday, October 16, 2015

Human Caused Global Warming, a Hoax

I was given a book on the defense of fossil fuels by my brother while in Indiana last week. It was written by an expert on Climate, Alex Epstein, titled, "The moral Case for Fossil Fuels."

Whether you are a proponent of the Liberal Mantra which is closely related to extreme tree hugging, Spotted Owls, etc. or are actually hungering for objective information in this area, I urge you to take the plunge and either buy, borrow or steal a copy of this 2014 publication, published by Penguin.

Some examples of the history of farming, which of course covers the fight against world starvation, are repeated in this book. Examples which I had not thought of and I suspect many of you hadn't either.

We have the utterances of the imaginative Al Gore, who predicted that we would run out of oil in 2017, while realizing a glut which has brought costs down immensely. Others, such as our current Secretary of State, are also exercising their flannel mouths and shallow thinking about the good and bad regarding fossil fuels.

The worst of course is coal. Except that if the world stops burning coal, which nature has provided abundantly, starvation and freezing weather would cause more deaths than the Black Plague back in the dark ages.

For example, less than 100 years ago, farmers walked behind a mule towing a single blade plow or other implement.   Today we have huge tractors towing many plows that instead of allowing us to farm 5 acres, we can farm 5000 acres. This caused the death of family farms you say? How many family farms could feed the millions of people that populate this earth. The answer is none, other than the farmer's own family, of which my family experienced back in the '30's and '40's.

This graduation from the mule to tractor was made possible by fossil fuel. Diesel, gasoline and oil. Take these away and the world starves. There is no way that we can survive without fossil fuels. There is nothing in sight that will economically replace even a fraction of the need.

I will have more on this subject as time goes on. My voice is weak and the propaganda purveyors loud, but I will speak out anyway. Get the book. There is a ton of research that I couldn't begin to repeat. Buy the book.


Lee Wallace said...

Seriously? When the preponderance of evidence suggests otherwise (including Exxon's own scientists), you remain a climate change denier? Perhaps the graduation to the tractor was made possible by gasoline, but that does not mean the next graduation can't be to electric tractors or solar tractors or something completely new that does not destroy the planet.

Bay Views said...

There are two problems with your argument. Fist, you did not make an attempt to read the book. Secondly, I am not a denier of global warming, just the cause. The alternatives you offered first are ears away. Secondly, how are we going to run heavy equipment on electricity without producing said energy by using current methods. Politicians run their mouths to sweet talk the Sierra Club and it's fellow travelers without any hope of using other means for at least 20 or 30 years. there are charts and graphs available in this book if you dare to objectivly see what it says. I think you would rather swallow the pablum that is being fed to you without having to think for yourself. One third of our electricity generators are run by burning coal Nuclear is clean if built carefully and not in an earthquake or Tsunami zone. But that fuel is not acceptable to the tree hungers either.