Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Water & Sewer Board Election

Today is the day that the Bayview Water & Sewer Board elect a 5th member. As it stands now, two are holdovers and two are the newly elected members. Agreeing on a 5th could be challenging.

For well over 20 years, elections were unnoticed, unadvertised and ended up with appointments rather that transparent efforts to adequately represent the wishes of the absent voters.

As it sits now, 2 are holdovers that never ran for office, but were appointed. Two ran and handily beat their incumbent opponents. Both have different agendas. Exhibited by the hasty meeting held 5 days after Chuck Waller's passing, an attempt was made by the holdovers to maintain a 3-2 majority and hold onto what some wags have referred to as "Big frog, Small pond" attitudes.

Since neither side can have a majority, it is hoped that common sense will prevail and a person with good qualifications and ties to neither side will be elected. If that doesn't happen, then a person will be selected by the state. It is preferable that this slot be filled with a knowledgeable personable individual with a positive attitude, rather than plunging deeper into disarray.

We are about to find out which will occur.


Teresa Karupiah said...

You need to check into the Sewer fiasco .... At the board meeting, the attorney Susan Weeks showed up. Before the show started, she announced that the voting will be null and void as no proper notice was posted by Linda and the deal is off. She further went to state that she already talked the judge Lansing Hayes and he will pick the 5th board member. The question is why? Is it that they can get an outcome they want by convincing a judge thru their attorney rather than work it out with the 2 elected members? Who was talking to Susan Weeks to get it arranged? The elected guys looked miffed?
Hanky panky still going on?
Choice of the board - Tom Lyod who is also the vice chairman od the Center board(before Chuck died), Chairman of the DAC - massive collusion, Norma Jean - member at large of the Chamber and editor of the byline. Why so much collusion?????

Bay Views said...

I told the newly elected board members to get an attorney. This goes back to you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.Someone with clout needs to get a real good attorney to contact Judge Lansing.The courts can rule, but shouldn't be able to without a hearing or without hearing from the newly elected members. Also there are at least two policies that are not legal. One, is that a majority can kick others off the board. Duly elected members can only be removed by a vote of the electorate. The other is the prohibition of elected board members to speak out to those who voted them in.