Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rebirth Of Bayview

This summer has brought out a larger crowd than the past two or three years. Part of that is due to the hospitality industry, with Henry ensconced in the Bay Cafe serving great food, Ralph's Coffee house with Ralph being the unofficial greeter for strangers coming here for the first time.

One of the bigger effects though is the reopening and turn around of the Captain's Wheel Resort. Rushing to open for last year's Bayview Daze there were many rough spots with personnel and lack of organization due to that hurried opening. Not so this year. With Theresa Long handling the day to day management and a great crew of bartenders and waitresses, the Wheel has become the anchor for Bayview tourism, as well as local residents.

Another plus was when Scenic Bay Marina tore out the beater trailers from the Lime Kiln location and added about six new RV spots. Parking is still a problem with pickups and boat trailers dominating the on street parking. On going landscaping projects will even further enhance what was an eyesore in the old trailer park. Gone are the tweekers, murderers and other malefactors, leaving three occupied mobile homes surrounded by Summer people. Most RVlocations have discounted Silverwood tickets as well.

The strong Canadian dollar has helped as well. Currently at about par, the bulk of new RV campers are from Alberta. Highway 95 traffic being rerouted around the Silverwood RV park has brought street noise to what was a quiet refuge for campers who usually bought multiple day tickets to the Park. Looking around at the RVs at Scenic Bay, most of them are gone all day which suggests they are attending Silverwood during daylight hours and returning at night.

Perhaps the most entertaining RV park is Lakeland RV park located across from the Bayview Post Office. They have 26 spaces plus some tent camping as well. Bayview Creek flows sedately through the park. The kicker though is the 4:00 pm happy hour. Folks gather around the shop and office about 4, either bringing their own drinks or if not, supplied by the park.he years, most repeat customers have become friends as well. It kind of resembles the social atmosphere of an Arizona senior park.

It looks like a win-win for the entire area. Let's hope it continues to grow.

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Anonymous said...

Bayview sounds like a happening place. I mean Ralph as a greeter and plenty of alcohol, what more do you want?