Friday, August 10, 2012

Lake Pend Oreille Fishing

I spoke with Chip Corsi today about the prospect of a Blueback (Kokanee) fishing season coming back to Lake Pend Oreille. He was upbeat, feeling there is a good chance that could happen. That is the recommendation of the regional office here in Coeur d'Alene. We won't know for sure until the November meetings at the state level where fish and game regulations are prepared for the coming year. This region will recommend a six fish daily limit, which with the larger fish is quite sufficient.

So far, so good. Mackinaws, the most voracious feeders of Kokanee are down. Mysis shrimp counts are own as well. Spawning four year old Bluebacks are much larger than historically, suggesting there is more feed for them. Bottom line though is that a whole generation of Blueback fishermen and women have sold their boats and moved on.

The cost for the moratorium on these miniature Sock eye Salmon in business revenue in Bayview has been catastrophic, since fishing has decreased. 

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