Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Christmas Parade, Bayview Style

At precisely 6:54 pm, Saturday evening, I heard the sound of horns blaring, sirens moaning and horns honking. They were heading up Lime Kiln Road, in Bayview, Idaho. This parade having started 3 or so years ago was not sponsored by any group, at least an organized one. Pioneered by Phil Stephan and friends, this noisy, cheerful salute to the Christmas holiday, I had forgotten That tonight was the annual parade.

Kind of crippled up with reoccurring back spasms, I didn't attend the party preceding the parade, nor the aftermath which probably was just as entertaining. The last few years in Bayview have been tumultuous, with factionalism rampant. It was refreshing that non-aligned neighbors just did it themselves. I was honored that for the first time since this parade was formed, they brought the parade to me, although it was doubtful it was intentional, I chose to be pleased anyway.

Unfortunately, I fumbled my camera too long, and they were out of sight. I was e-mailed before this event that there was a citizen of Bayview that calls the Sheriff department every time this or other non-permitted event took place.

For that reason, as I watched the parade speed by me, with a Timberlake Fire Truck all lit up in Christmas lights, followed by a few some decorated private vehicles, that a Sheriff car with  blue lights flashing, was bringing up the rear. Considering the nastiness thing I mentioned, I can't help but wonder if the patrol car was part of the parade, or was chasing it. Oh well, details at eleven as they say on the boob tube.

Wrapping up this story, I would like on behalf of those residents that don't have a stump to shout from as I do, thank you folks for making this another fantastic Bayview holiday.

Merry Christmas to all, whether friends or not, for this is the season for forgiveness and reconciliation. In that spirit of Christmas, I forgive all of you that have from time to time pissed me off.


Ric said...

Back at ya Herb, God Bless.

Anonymous said...

"there was a citizen of Bayview that calls the Sheriff department every time this or other non-permitted event took place."

What is this losers name???

Bay Views said...

That would be classified as hearsay. If someone that actually knows for sure and is willing to state their own name as well, I'll publish it.

Janet said...

Jack Ass-just thinkin.

Norma Jean said...

Darn and I missed the parade, would have liked to take some pictures too.

For those that object to this small tribute to this joyous season, pooh on you. I personally would love to see the same tradition as Europe celebrate with some fireworks but the logistics are daunting.

Thank you Herb for your time.

I sure hope your back is feeling better.

Norma Jean

Brian H. said...

Merry Christmas, Dad!

Brian and the girls