Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We Are The 99

We here in Bayview and Athol are a little different than those in the cities. Where dissidents and Anarchists camp out bleating against the system, the country and the fact that there are those that have more than they.

Here in Bayview, Athol and vicinity, we, the 99 are home comfortable in the knowledge that there will indeed be a better day. I have searched fruitlessly for the 1% that might represent the campers, but no. Not even one encampment and with Farragut so close ... Well you would think, right?

Could it be that the normal citizens or our area are the 99 and those poor fools in tents purchases from top flight sporting goods stores, are the 1% Hell, they are wrong about everythi9ng else, so why not.

Thsi attempt to destroy our society will not work of course, but it does point to the necessity for constant vigilance and remembrance that democracy, even here in our neighborhood, is not guaranteed but for words in a constitution, which so far have been enough.

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