Monday, November 14, 2011

Weather Or Not

Well, the weather guessers are predicting a bunch of snow for this winter, but this morning produced an unusual thunder storm with hail, snow and what they call grapple, which essentially, some of all of the aforementioned.

Accuweather is predicting around nine inches of the white stuff for tonight and tomorrow, but forgot to mention the snow level, so it might be in the higher elevations, but be prepared. It looks like we are dodging the proverbial bullet, as they are predicting an arctic outbreak for Thursday, Friday and the week-end.

I leave with Yvonne Wallis tomorrow and am, devoutly hoping for decent weather while crossing the state of Washington.The folks at the University of Washington needed another outpatient visit. A huge thank you to all of the folks that have donated to her costs prior to scheduling the (hopefully final) surgery to replace the hole in her head with a permanent plate. Currently and since August she has had to wear a helmet to protect the gap in her scull.

We'll be back Wednesday pm and will let everyone know what's going on by Thursday. Again, both Yvonne and I wish to heap a huge thank you to all of those folks that have donated so that these trips and expenses therein can be afforded.

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