Thursday, November 03, 2011

Holidays Great For Some

Soon the holidays will be upon us. First Thanksgiving representing the thanks for the original Pilgrims survival, and more currently for the blessings that most of us have received in the past year.

This will be followed by Christmas which even if one isn't a Christian usually is celebrated.For most of us it is a time of cheer and celebrations with family members.

One family will not be among that majority. Michael Heath and his mother, Yvonne Wallis will celebrate Christmas by having nightmares, reliving the brutal attack by their deranged neighbor, Larry Cragun. While Yvonne, through the generosity of the community, will probably survive, Michael will never have his wife of twenty-two years back. She was killed during the attack. Mike has been unable to function normally due to his grief and the necessity of caring for his mom.

We have emphasized, perhaps wrongly that only Yvonne needs help. They both do. We are heading back to Seattle November 15 for a one day outpatient preparation for later surgery to install a permanent plate in her head to cover the hole that now exists. We have adequate funding for the trip, but oh so many other needs are apparent. Living in a single wide trailer, she hasn't money to winterize her windows and other needs as well. There is still the hopefully final trip in which her surgery is performed. Based on our experience from the first procedure, we will be in Seattle for several days, perhaps up to 10 days as last time. That will incur much more cash outlay.

We can't turn back the clock, nor make everything right, but each time she receives a gift of love from people that care, she brightens up, knowing that not everyone is evil. If you wish to donate toward her and Mike's expenses, you can send a check to me: Yvonne Wallis, c/o Herb Huseland PO Box 884, Bayview Idaho 83803. For those of you that have already helped, God bless you all.


Bay Views said...

I deleted a comment that suggested in like sour grapes, why should her trailer be winterized, and not mine?

Well, to start with you are not the victim of a violent crime in which she was near death and still could die from the results of her head injury. In cases like this, generous people step up.
I suppose because like me, the feeling is that society owes crime victims some help, since we are all a part of the village in which the perpetrator lived. In short,I suggest you piss off.

Anonymous said...


How many residents are up there now?

Helping Yvonne is somewhat like a gift to ourselves. The crime that was committed was horrid.

Whoever the person was that made the comment should move!

; }

Rose (NJ)

Bay Views said...

Every community has it's assholes. The primary one is in jail and will never get out. Fortunately in our community there are far more people willing to give to those that deserve it than of the aforementioned class. That this trailer dweller didn't get the difference between helping a victim and just giving handouts to others, is probably why he/she is still doing without.

Bay Views said...

To NJ: there are only three of us. Yvonne on the second tier, an unknown on the third and me as the sole resident on the lower level.