Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Round Trip Finished ... At Last

Exiting Harborview Medical Center with Yvonne, my neighbor in need, I hit the freeway last Wednesday, during what started as a Seattle downpour. Realizing that it might be entirely different on Snoqualmie Pass, I headed east in a hurry. Sure enough, by North Bend, the rain had started to turn to snow.

As we topped the pass and started down the other side it became apparent the losing altitude was not going to change the snow back to rain. Finally, somewhere east of George, Washington, the snow quit and we outran the storm.

Several pit stops along the way at rest areas later, we encountered a totally deserted on past Ritzville. We headed out on the home stretch stopping only to grab a couple of things at Super One in Hayden. Coming out of the store, the car wouldn't start. We called Mike Heath, Yvonne's son to rescue us. The next day I met a tow truck at the store where we had the car towed to C&L in Athol. This Thanksgiving will be much more meaingful than most, since one stop earlier would have stranded us at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere.

By Friday afternoon and a new starter, the car was ready to come home. I wasn't. Having nothing important to do during the week-end snow storm, I left the car at C&L. Tuesday, I picked up the car to complete what was a seven day trip. I am now humming, "On the road again."

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