Thursday, November 17, 2011

To Seattle And Almost Back

What was intended as a round trip to Seattle didn't quite make it. I left Tuesday morning with Yvonne Wallis for her scheduled appointment with plastic surgeons. This was only an outpatient visit to measure her recovery and plan for future surgery to cover where bone had been removed almost one year ago.

We stayed in Seattle at the SCCA House which is a non-profit hotel housing patients and caregivers while in town for treatment at both Harborview and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. The drive over was great. Sunny skies all the way.
We drove over to Harborview at about 8:30 and had breakfast at the cafeteria in the hospital. We then headed up stairs to the plastic surgery and burn center. The surgeon noted more healing was needed and set the plan up for the hopefully final surgery for April. This was a relief, since I didn't enjoy the prospect of driving over Snoqualmie Pass in January or February where storms have been know to dump several feet of snow in one day or night.

Coming back was a little more adventuresome. When we exited the hospital parking garage we were greeted by a Seattle deluge. Since it had only started during the period from about 10:00 am to 11:00, we figured we could outrun most of it. We eventually did, but not until about Moses Lake or so, snow all the way from North Bend to where we hit dry pavement in mid-state. We always stop at most rest stops since they can be spaced many miles apart. The last one was totally deserted.
We cranked the car up and headed for the homestretch.

Stopping off at Super One foods in Hayden, I needed a new supply of peanuts for the squirrel I adopted last summer. We headed for the car and cranked it up... except it didn't crank. Turning the key did nothing but produce a bunch of lights on the dash. Since my headlights worked I assumed it was one of those infernal safety switches or,computer modules gone nuts. After cursing modern engineering for a few minutes, I called Yvonne's son for a rescue. We shuddered at the thought of this happening at one of the deserted locations in the middle of nowhere. God was watching out for us.

Today, between GEICO road service and son, the car resides at C&L Auto Repair in Athol, almost all the way home. I received a call from C&L telling me I need a new starter. Just think. One more start and I'm home. One less and I'm stranded in the middle of no where in a snow storm.

Update: C & L called to tell me that the car was ready and a good Samaritan stopped by to pay the bill. Will generosity never end in this village I call home? To the anonymous donor, my heartfelt thanks.

Update: It appears that the anonymous donor was Chan Karupiah.


Brian H. said...

Another reason for Thanksgiving.

Janet said...

Sorry to hear about your car, but glad you're home safe before this snow storm.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy Herb, I am glad you two made it safely home.
Kind of funny where hose angels show up in our lives.
I was wondering about your safety.


Anonymous said...

Who is this Chan Karupiah you are referring to?? God bless him. Glad you and Yvonne are OK.


Bay Views said...

Chan is the long time owner of JD's resort and a more recent owner of Boileau's,'Harborview and Vista Bay marinas. Portions of Boileau's resort were sold separately and are administerd by the Bayview Mercantile.

Anonymous said...

thank you to chan. and thank you herb for all you have done for yvonne.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the choir is leading the cheering for the beautiful Chan Karupiah, or more appropriately the choir is Chan.

Cheez Herb.

H.L. said...

Notice that Chan just couldn't remain anonymous. He posts here too u know, unbeknowst to you.