Monday, November 28, 2011

Mr Tire Leads Tire Givaway

Many of us have tires in our garages that fit the car we don't own anymore. I know I do. In chatting with Eldon at Mr. Tire in Athol, Idaho, we came up with a plan.

Several people have dropped off tires they don't need anymore, enabling Eldon to help out those less fortunate that are having tire problems. Many times in the past, he has donated used tires free to those that could not afford to fix a flat tire. Recently, Mr. Tire decided to formalize this act of kindness into a drive to collect those tires you don't need.

I know for one, that I have at least 3 tires from my old K-car, long deceased. Here's the deal. Bring those unwanted used tires to Mr. Tire located on Hwy 95 one block north of Hwy 54. He'll give them to needy motorists for just the cost of mounting and balancing. You can reach the store at 208-683-2195.

Perhaps various groups could make a tire drive into a community project. Let's get on this.


Anonymous said...

Why does the other side of Bayview keeps filtering comments?? Are they afraid of these comments or shall we get on a band wagon to get rid of the other side of Bayview blog. When you enter the public opinion arena, you get the other side which you may not like. So don't just blow smoke if you want to open and honest be one.


Bay Views said...

Well Bill, First, I'm not affiliated with the blog you are referring to. I suggest that you contact them directly.

Bay Views said...

I just rejected another comment from the above person. While I allowed one, I have no intention of being a place you an criticize other bloggers for, Different blogs are for different purposes by different authors. They all have the right to run them their way. The best thing you can do if constantly disagreeing, is to not access or read them.

Anonymous said...


I believe that Mr. Tires, Eldons, efforts to be supported. Eldon has done other "gifting" to the community and I applaud his generous heart.

Will try to ask around to see if anyone is interested in assisting with a possible drive.

Norma Jean