Saturday, August 06, 2011

More Changes

We hear that the kitchen manager has had a disagreement with management and has resigned at the Captain's Wheel. He has accepted employment from Henry Dean who now runs three locations. The Buttonhook, The Floating Patio and the Bay Cafe. Judging from other conversations, the kitchen crew is in disarray at the Wheel. We hope the growing pains subside and an organized approach to the business and community will prevail.

The Buttonhook is still working with Banquet permits from J.D.'s since the liquor license has be inordinately delayed. This allows them to serve alcoholic beverages Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Bay Cafe operates with a beer & wine license and is ineligible for a liquor license, since it isn't attached to a marina. Meanwhile, Ralph's Coffee House is sailing along in it's niche doing very nicely hanging out above the fray.

***Bulletin: Following the kitchen manager, Dean Knowles, prior manager of the Bay Cafe, quit today as well. It looks like some serious managerial problems exist.


Anonymous said...

Just an FYI, the Wheel lost another cook today besides the kitchen manager.

Anonymous said...


I believe and I could be wrong that the Cafe shares a liquor licnese with J.D's

Anonymous said...

I have not been impressed. A "REAL" bartender would help as well.