Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Am Pissed Off

Yes, I am Pissed. We should have started back home yesterday. We may not even start back tomorrow. The reason? Today learned that because Idaho Health and Welfare has not approved the cost of the antibiotics necessary for her recovery. Harborview Hospital will not discharge Yvonne Wallis until plans are completed in Idaho. The irony of the state having to pay several hundred dollars per day to keep her in the hospital, while dithering over a few bucks for antibiotics is ludicrous. First, they have no choice. You cannot deny a person the drugs to combat an infection that sent her to Seattle in the first place.

If anyone from the state reads this blog, I urge you to settle on an end solution. Whether that includes special transportation back, skilled nursing home care, or what, we are in limbo over here. It is time for whom ever is in charge of this case to get off their collective asses and do something. If anyone read this and wants to help, call someone that works there. The patient care specialist at Harborview is trying without success to get someone, anyone, off the dime.

This stalemate is costing the state of Idaho a lot of money, not to mention my own substantial outlay so far. One I can ill afford. Yes I'm pissed.


Anonymous said...


Give me some clues, not sure anyone would listen to me anyway.

What about calling Chan?

Norma Jean

Nan Fletcher said...

I've been on the phone this aft to several Id Dept Health & Welfare offices for assistance on this problem All were very helpful, but its not in their area o the last one I called was the Civil Rights manager for ID Dept of H&W. I left a message. if the doc already did the prior authorization for the meds and they are denying it because of cost or a authorizing a different antibiotic instead which may not be as effective, then Yvonne has a right to file an appeal..which could take up to 28 days!!! Bullpucky...It was indirectly suggested to me that if the media got hold of this stupidity in the system that something might get done fast! So Herb..go for it...you know lots of folks in that area!! I will let you know when and if the civil rights manger calls me back Let me know if i can help in any way. Tell Yvonne that she is in our prayers!

Nan said...

Hey Herb. the Civil Rights Manager just called back. She gave me the number to call at Administrative offices. They will want the name of the person handling this matter at the hospital and they will work with them to resolve the approval for the antibiotic needed . They need Yvonnes approval to deal with you because of the HIPA privacy act. Just tell them the problem re "pre authorization" of the med is the term they use...and they will give you to the person who can assist. 208-364-1829 I would also call the media if I were you...I did inform health & Welfare that that may be the only way to get things done and get Yvonne home.

Nan Fletcher said...

Herb..the first # to call at Administrative offices is 208-334-5747..they should be able to direct you to the person that can assist. The next # is 208-364-1829 Call me please or give me your cell # ..I left my phone # on an email to you. Nan