Saturday, August 27, 2011

Home At Last

After twelve days of travel, frustration as some of the folks at Harborview needed help pulling their collective heads out of their asses, I am home. I managed to spring Yvonne Wallis at least four and probably six days later than was necessary. It turns out Harborview wasn't talking to Idaho Health and Welfare until she was ready for release.

I finally put in a call for the neurosurgeon and charged him with abandoning his patient. Suddenly things started to happen.I got through to people that were able to cut through the lethargy that permeated the staff. It would seem that their routine was more important than the patient or family. In this case I was temporary family and the designated representative. I made sure that was set up so they would have to talk to me.

Never, have the waters of Scenic Bay looked so beautiful. There is nothing like being forced to endure ten days locked into the congestion of Seattle and surrounding areas. Escaping wasn't easy, but we broke jail and returned. The support of the community was awesome as well. Thanks from both of us.

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