Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today Is The Big Day

Today is the big day. It started at 0-dark-30, or 4:30 am for you non-veterans. I'm here in Seattle at the UW Medical Center, Harborview Medical Center with Yvonne Wallis.

As many of you in Bayview and other surrounding areas are aware, Yvonne and her Daughter-In-Law were victims of a vicious attack by a hammer wielding neighbor. That neighbor is now in jail facing at least, life in prison. Patricia Heath, Michel Heath and son Jed, along with Yvonne were sitting together on the couch watching TV, when Larry Cragun, a neighbor, crashed through the back door, ran up the hallway and started beating the occupants with a large hammer.

Patricia did not survive the attack. Michael and Jed had minor injuries, but Yvonne is still trying her best to survive. She originally had surgery soon after the December 20, 2010 incident. Later, it was determined that the neurosurgery wasn't done correctly, or at least didn't succeed. Her doctors referred her to the University of Washington for the purpose of having the plate in her head removed, the infection cleared up and then in about three to four months, a new one inserted, this time with the assistance of a plastic surgeon that specializes in head injuries.

She will have to wear a helmet similar to a football helmet for any time she moves around, since even though the skin and scalp will be reattached, the bone underneath will have a hole in it.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has pitched in for the medical treatment, but there are many more expenses. The cost of driving to and from Seattle, Lodging for her and myself who is her chauffeur and temporary care giver, meals etc.

Thankfully, churches in the area stepped up with donations of gas, motel and other expenses. It is important for us all to remember that Yvonne is not responsible for what happened to her. We in the community are privileged to step up, not to make up for the attack, but to show that the vast majority of our citizens, whether in Bayview, or Athol are always ready to help when someone is in trouble.

If all goes well, we will drive back Monday and reach Bayview in the late afternoon or early evening. Should there be a delay, I will comment on this post regarding it. I will be calling those Yvonne designated soon after she gets out of surgery. That will be sometime around noon. Prayers are in order.

***Saturday am
Yvonne is now awake, but still needs some help breathing. She will stay in ICU until it is possible to remove the ventilator, then taken to a regular room. No complications around the head area that was operated on.

Saturday 4:40 pm: She was given another breathing test and is doing better. The oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange still isn't quite right yet, so they are leaving the ventilator in for the night. She appears out of danger, but is slow coming around.

***Sunday am: Yvonne is finally breathing on her own as of 11:00 am this am. She will be moved to a regular room this afternoon. We still don't know when they will discharge her, but my gut feeling is that she will be kept over until Tuesday am.

Monday am: Well we lucked out and Yvonne will be released today after lunch. That will bring us back to Bayview around 8:00 pm tonight.

OOPS! Something didn't get scheduled as planned, and they aren't going to release her until tomorrow. I swear, it's easier to spring someone out of jail than to get them out of a state run hospital.

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