Monday, August 15, 2011

Stuff N' Things

Athol Daze went great as usual. A large crowd gathered to watch the parade which honored for the first time a Grand Marshall. This initial honor went to David Dunkin, Kootenai County Sheriff Deputy. I spoke to Major Ben Wolfinger after the parade. He said, "in my thirty years in law enforcement, I've never, ever, seen a cop honored by the community he serves."

With all of the bad cop stories that seem to abound, especially in Spokane, it is indeed refreshing to see an officer that understands he works for the community, not against it. Congratulations, David. You did a good job. Dunkin now serves as a training officer. Major Wolfinger explained that the goal was to train new officers to be just like "Scrappy" Dunkin.

I'll be out of touch most of this week unless I can find some WiFi. I'm chauffeuring a lady to the University of Washington for a medical procedure that apparently can't be performed locally. I'll blog any interesting experiences along the way if possible.

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Sally said...

Herb! Thank you for doing a great job announcing the parade once again this year!!!! It is great to hear the positives regarding Athol Daze!!! It was great to also have Deputy Dunkin as our Grand Marshall, he has been here for our community alot!