Friday, August 12, 2011

Only In Athol

Sometimes things aren't as they seem. Sally Hansen, Athol City Clerk, is an unassuming pleasant feminine lady. But she has a hobby. She rides bareback bucking horses. Like the comic strip, "Rose is Rose," she has an alter ego. Put her in a chute, load her onto a bronco and she becomes a wild cowgirl. Recently, I learned of her and four other retired rodeo women who were invited to the Cow Palace in San Francisco for the Grand Champion Rodeo held in October.

In the first picture, the horse rode her. In the second, she did her ten seconds and got off of the horse in a much more conventional way.

Tomorrow, Saturday, During the Athol Daze Parade, Sally will ride a much tamer stead. Well, at least a little tamer. You see, she will be escorting the Grand Marshall, Deputy David Dunkin in a Shelby GT. She claims that having Dunkin as a passenger will make her immune to arrest, as when she burns out, he will be an accomplice much like Bonny was to Clyde. Dunkin will find himself an accessory before, during and after the fact.

Come on down and watch the parade at 10:00 am followed by fun in the park with contests, vendors, auctions and many more happenin's.

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Dennis said...

Looks like some goodtimes here!!