Thursday, September 01, 2011

Authors Sell Out

I am an avid fiction reader. My favorite authors are guys like W.E.B. Griffin, Tom Clancy, Stephen Coontz and Dale Brown. All of them have one thing in common. They don't write their own stuff anymore. Anyone that seriously reads these authors through several books can tell the writer's style immediately.

Whether it is the publisher coercing the author to lend a newcomer his name, or the laziness of a successful author that doesn't feel he needs to write anymore, my take is that if you don't want to write, quit. Don't give us fake books that are not anything like what you wrote when we became your fans.

Recently, I purchases two books for a total of about $40.00. Fortunately, these books were heavily discounted. They should have been.

"Victory and Honor," by WEB Griffin, shows his son as co-author. I suggest the son wrote the whole book. Non of dad's style was evident anywhere in the book.

The second book was, "Against All Enemies," by Tom Clancy, with Peter Telep. Anyone ever heard of Telep? I didn't think so. Clancy did not write this book, either. This leads me to believe that prostitution is more honorable than putting your name to something you didn't create. For shame!

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