Friday, September 16, 2011

Farragut Naval Reunion

Fewer WW11 vets attended this year's reunion of Farragut basic trainees, as more of the vets, many in their 90's are passing on. The ones that did though were greeted by an upgraded flag pavilion with benches and sidewalks. After the flag raising that started at 9:00 am the social part continued at Sunrise Day Camp.

One new addition to the show was the complete restoration of the Harbor Master's hut which once sat atop the old boat sheds of which a few still remain on the navy side. The hut used to sit on one of the boat houses that were removed during the rebuilding of what is now Harborview Marina. At the request of Bayview historian, Linda Hackbarth, Waterford Park Marinas salvaged the beat up old hut.

It now sits proudly as one of the Farragut State Park exhibits in the brig museum.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't that simply look grand?

Norma Jean