Sunday, September 25, 2011

Little Red Schoolhouse

Saturday, September 24 turned out to be a wonderful day in many ways. I headed to Spokane to meet up with my youngest son, Brian. Brian teaches 4th grade at Northwest Christian School in North Spokane, soon to move to Colbert, where the high school is.

We had planned to trek up to Aladdin, north of Colville, Washington. My Norwegian Grandfather homesteaded on 160 acres up Meadow Creek. The last time I saw the old Log Home he built was 1948 when I was ten years old. It probably has burned down, as the homestead was acquired by the national forest years ago.

My Dad founded the Blue Ridge Mine, near the old Grace Ranch who was my step Grandfather. He sold out in about 1938 to a milling company, Goldfield Mill. hundreds of tons of Lead and Zinc came out of the hillside, with the lead sorely needed during WW11 for lead acid batteries.

Just up the road about three miles was the one room schoolhouse where my mother, Nina Huseland nee Barton,taught grades 1 through 8. Most farm kids ended their education after the 8th year. We set out to find the old school, called Spirit. We had information that it was still standing after 98 years. We found it north of the mine about 3 miles on the right side of the road. It was repainted barn red and is now a private residence. Originally it was white. We shot a photo and headed back to Spokane, our search having been rewarded with success.

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