Sunday, September 11, 2011

Odds N' Ends

As things cool down in a week or so, many of our residents will head south for the winter. For folks that stay, the Bay Cafe is expanding to serve dinner as sell as breakfast and lunch. Henry tells me the menu will be affordable and good eating. Also the cafe has a beer and wine license so you can have a libation with your meal. Dinner starts next week Wednesday. The restaurant will be closed Tuesday and Wednesdays.

I have contacted the Fire District and will be getting a chronological description of events regarding the recent fire on 1rst Street here in Bayview. It appears there are rumors that are not correct regarding the response.

From Genette at the Bitter End Marina:

I just had a visit from a man that left his camera bag on the Cape Horn road where he was video taping the sailboat race. He went back for it and and it was gone. Could you please spread the word to your big email list in case someone here found it. He didn't have his name or number in the bag.

He is feeling very awful, His name is Alan Brown, his phone number is 208-755-3710.

Thank you,

Bitter End Marina

Consider the word spread. One hopes that a concerned citizen picked it up for unselfish reasons.

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