Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lunch On Us

Hobart Jenkins, Jackie and Tom Lloyd have put together a meals program named Lunch On Us (LOU) to be served every Wednesday at the Bayview Community Center beginning December 7, 2011. It will be open to those in need and in particular to seniors in the low to moderate income bracket; however, no one will be turned away. Lunch is free but contributions will be gratefully accepted.

What we are asking of you is to spread the word to those who could benefit. If you know them personally perhaps you could just say that a lunch program is starting in Bayview and “needs” participants in order to apply for current and future grant money. We don’t want anyone to feel embarrassed or have their pride hurt. We just want to help at this dire time in so many people’s lives.

A head count for the first few meals is needed so we can plan on the amount of food to buy. Please call or email and let us know if you will join us for the Community Thanksgiving Dinner at the Center on Thursday, November 24th at 2 pm or any of the following Wednesday lunches beginning on December 7th at noon.

A generous donation from Carl and Wendy Costello has been received as seed money specifically to be used for this project and to cover the Community Thanksgiving Dinner as the kick-off.

Hobart Jenkins, Tom Lloyd and Kathi Ellis will continue to follow grant money. We hope to receive enough donations and grant money to make this an ongoing and viable project. Your tax-deductible donation (earmarked for LOU) can be sent to:

Bayview Community Center Foundation, PO Box 493, Bayview, ID 83803.

The volunteers starting this program are willing to do whatever is necessary to get it going and keep it going. However, we certainly could use more volunteers.

We appreciate you getting the information out.

For questions, call Jackie or Tom Lloyd at 683-1680; e-mail:

Thank you,

Lunch On Us
A Bayview Community Center Foundation Program

For questions and information call: 683-8040 or 683-168. On line at :

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