Thursday, October 20, 2011

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I have hesitated to write this post fearing the ladies would think I take breast cancer lightly. I don't. My sister died of that disease a few years ago and I have friends here in Bayview that have suffered and survived.

Still, how about equality here. Us guys, including yours truly, suffer from Prostate Cancer, but does anyone hold a month long celebration of prostates? Not even. I would wager, (without the facts of course) that as many men die of prostate cancer as women with breast cancer.

I finally figured it out. First, breasts are cute, and boy howdy, visible. Prostates on the other hand, hide in the background, occasionally, when faced with an appropriate situation, spit a little. Sometimes it is in an inappropriate event, but today we won't go there.

To sum it up, while a prostate never shows it's face, if in fact it has one, breasts are proudly displayed for the world to see. Some, more than others. In summing this up, I think I've lost my own argument. Vive le Tetons, may they dominate forever.


Anonymous said...

While I do not possess a prostate I do have first hand knowledge of the concer problme and had wondered the same as you have.

Why not quite simply a cancer awareness month? Cancer after all is not a pleasant subject,

Yes Herb you lost your own argument but who is checking?

"Rose" for real

Anonymous said...

I am a breast cancer survivor and agree with you Herb. I appreciate all the women (and some men) who have had breast cancer before me and took the risks with newly developed meds and treatments. And I'm very glad that the treatments I had seem to have worked. But there are many other cancers out there that do not get the attention that breast cancer does. Granted, breast cancer research may benefit other cancer research, but lets even the playing field some and draw attention to prostate, ovarian, lung, brain, stomach, pancreatic, skin, etc. cancers.

Anonymous said...

I am glad the real Rose has exposed herself - you cannot be a blogger and create a fake person to comment on your own blog - The other side of Bayview. I knew it and glad Bay View exposed it.